“Freedom” feat Blue MC on iTunes

Check out the latest house tune from producer Scott Binder and singer/songwriter Blue MC.

Read the review and hear the remix package here (courtesy Inhale Magazine).

Critical Feedback:

“cool track”

“Such a cool uplifting tune! Always brings a smile”
Paul Steele (Medication/Nation/Liverpool)

“Great stuff!”
Ian Gormely (CHRY Toronto / chry.fm)

“This is going straight to the front of the box. Top mix package.”
Dave Fryers (Various)

“good mixes”
Joaquim Mota (Radio Nova)

“sounds cool”
Niki Belucci (Radio FG)


Wicked funky track!”
Rousey (Lava IGNITE/ Oxford)

“Make Some Noise” Available for Pre-Order NOW

There are books on how to become a DJ, that talk about beatmatching, mashups, how to perform in nightclubs, and even one that claims they can teach you in two hours.  But becoming a DJ in two hours is like saying you can be a professional baseball player because you attended a summer camp when you were nine. This book, MAKE SOME NOISE, teaches the basics and then goes beyond the how-to, discussing djing while playing with a live instrument, goal setting, marketing, and how you choose your music genre.

From the opening chapter, the reader will be given a glimpse into the minds of the best of the best of the world’s DJ’s and how they turned their dreams into reality.  Included with the book will be an instructional video, and live footage from some of Scott Binder’s performances.  This book will also include a mix “cd” to be released in conjunction with his label, Golden Needle Records.